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M3 RAW File System Recovery

M3 RAW File System Recovery

File system is displayed as "RAW" and used space shows 0 bytes. Disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now? Invalid media type reading drive. Abort, Retry, Fail? File names contain "weird" characters. "Sector not found" messages. The type of the file system ...

Shareware  3,309k 452 M3 Data Recovery
How To Fix PSD File

How To Fix PSD File

How To Fix PSD File software comes with latest advanced features, which is very useful to fix damaged or corrupted Photoshop PSD files on Windows computers. It has capable of repairing corrupted PSD and PDD files, which you have created on all Adobe Photoshop versions ...

Demo  8,559k 284 Repair PSD File
AidAim Single File System

AidAim Single File System

SingleFileSystem (SFS) provides an easy way to work with multiple files and folders stored as a part of a single file using advanced compression and encryption functionality. This solution encapsulates small but powerful file system within a single file. The mechanism of SFS includes some ...

Shareware  1,953k 1119 AidAim Software LLC

Callback File System

Callback File System (CBFS) is a software component (library) for presenting various data as files and directories of a local virtual disk. Regardless of where the actual data are kept: in files, in database records, memory, or elsewhere - they will be treated as if ...

Shareware  37,225k 1513 EldoS Corporation

Solid File System

SolFS is is a virtual file system, stored in single file (or database record, file resource or just memory block). SolFS has all necessary functionality, that can be found in modern file systems, such as support for streams inside of files, file and stream encryption, ...

Commercial  11,151k 1355 EldoS Corporation

Get Remote File System Rights

'Get Remote File System Rights For Windows' is a powerful tool that helps you retrieve file system rights from file servers across your network from behind your own workstation. You can filter on specific groups, or retrieve the effective rights of any user in your ...

Freeware  1,757k 1104 VisionIT
Fix for OST File

Fix for OST File

Fix for OST File: Microsoft Outlook user can easily fix OST file error and recover emails from OST file with all data such as calendar, notes, contacts, emails, address book, etc. Fix for OST File solution is an excellent tool to resolve OST file errors ...

Shareware  16,394k 278 Exchange OST to PST Converter
EaseFilter File System Filter Driver SDK

EaseFilter File System Filter Driver SDK

A file system filter driver intercepts requests targeted at a file system or another file system filter driver. By intercepting the request before it reaches its intended target, the filter driver can extend or replace functionality provided by the original target of the request. It ...

Shareware  4,774k 643 EaseFilter Inc
EaseFilter File System Monitor Filter SDK

EaseFilter File System Monitor Filter SDK

File system monitor filter can monitor the file system activities on the fly. With file system monitor filter you can monitor the file activities on file system level, capture file open,create, overwrite, read, write,query file information, set file information, query security information, set security information, ...

Shareware  3,984k 472 EaseFilter Inc
EaseFilter File System Control Filter SDK

EaseFilter File System Control Filter SDK

File system control filter can control the file activities, which you can intercept the file system call, modify its content before or after the request goes down to the file system, allow/deny/cancel its execution based on the filter rule. You can fully control file open/create/overwrite, ...

Shareware  1,239k 450 EaseFilter Inc
Solid File System OS edition

Solid File System OS edition

With With Solid File System OS edition your application can create a virtual disk, accessible for all or chosen processes. This disk can be made visible to the user, as a regular disk. The virtual disk (storage) is formatted using SolFS file system. SolFS is is ...

Shareware  35,798k 416 EldoS Corporation
Solid File System Application Edition

Solid File System Application Edition

SolFS is is a virtual file system, stored in single file (or memory blocks, database records, file resources, cloud storage). SolFS has all necessary functionality, that can be found in modern file systems, such as support for streams inside of files, file and stream encryption, ...

Shareware  31,974k 431 EldoS Corporation
Fix OST File

Fix OST File

Hence, third party Fix OST software is used to recover corrupt OST files. Kernel for OST to PST is the user friendly, easy to use and interactive software that can be used by non-technical users as well to repair their corrupt OST files. The software ...

Shareware  3,369k 798 Fix OST

Fix PST File

Fix PST tool is the most convenient software used to perform professional PST recovery that aims at repairing corrupt emails from MS Outlook. Fix Outlook PST tool recovers deleted/missing email messages, folders, appointments, journal, contacts, tasks, journals and notes from corrupt PST files. Email properties ...

Shareware  3,021k 446 Fix PST File

Naevius Hidden File System

Hidden File System is very convenient program for protection your private files and documents. You can crypt and hide your valuable files from unauthorized users, hackers, or viruses. Program will give access to files after checking password only. Program has ability to Import/Export of your ...

Shareware  740k 999 naevius com

Linked Open Data File System

A FUSE-based file system that represents Linked Open Data sets as hierarchical file systems.

Freeware  11,015k 1265

Mail file system

Mail file system created with FUSE is designed to work with e-mail servers as a storage for e-mail messages. File system tries to store identical attachments of multiple e-mail messages in one copy to reduce usage of data storage capacity.

Freeware  197k 533

Multi-Fork File System

The Multi-Fork File System is a powerful POSIX compliant Application Programming Interface for the C/C++ programming languages.The MFFS API allows software developers to easily add any number of forks to any file, including executable files.

Freeware  29k 634

PTFS - Parse Tree File System

PTFS - is a file system allowing to navigate through parse tree. It uses parsing expressions grammar to construct file system structure (parse tree) for the given text.

Freeware  88k 424

VFS - The Virtual File System in PHP

The intention of this project is to make a virtual file system that can be accessed through a normal web-browser. Authenticated users can upload files and download files. Complex user rights can be set on files to control access rights.

Freeware  17k 601

XDEBUG - File and System Debbuger

XDebug is an file and system debugger, similar the ms-debug of ms-dos. It have all commands from ms-debug and more, as "mbr" wich show Master Boot Record, and more.Require JVM (Java Virutal Machine)

Freeware  9k 319

Zope File System Folder

A File System Folder behaves just like a normal Zope Folder, except it can export its contents to individual human-readable text files in the file system, and then re-import those same files, enabling (for example) proper version control.

Freeware  14k 581

Zope Local File System

The Local File System project is an add-in product for the Zope web application server. It allows users to access the contents of the file system on a Zope server as if they were contained in the Zope Object Database.

Freeware  46k 549

DiskFree Online File System

DiskFree Online File System is a PHP/MySQL based website which allows users to upload a variable amount of files, favorites, and a bare bones address book to an online system.

Freeware  60k 711

File System Carver

File System Carver (fsc) is a tool used to separate partitions on disk or disk image. First the fsc tool will hash the entire disk. Second it will look for partitions on the disk to separate. Then fsc will carve out each partition on the ...

Freeware  210,944k 361

Grifi: GridFTP File System

Grifi, GridFTP File System: It is a virtual file system (based on FUSE) that allows a user to mount a remote directory using the gridftp protocol. It is based on the UberFTP client and FTPFS from the LUFS project.

Freeware  100k 417

Java Cluster File System

Deploy a real distributed clustered filesystem accessible from Java applications.No single-point-of-failure. Automatic fail-over and load-balancing, peer-to-peer mode and master-slaves Clustered File SystemJava basedScalability

Freeware  317k 452

Java File System Simulation

This is file system simulation developed in java which allows a user to create file system, create partitions, folders inside the partitions and copy/paste files. Allows you to create file systemAllows you to create partitionsCreate unlimited folders and sub foldersStore files inside the folders by ...

Freeware  1,251k 686

Universal Virtual File System Editor

An extremely flexible and customizable hex editor accompanied by a .Net hex viewer control. The file or resource is represented as a file system structure (folder/file hierarchy) and viewed in tree view. Selected file is displayed on the hex viewer. Opens a file in hex/oct/dec/binary ...

Freeware  563k 639

The Owner-Free File System

You can imagine the OFFSYSTEM as a very big distributed hard disk: The vision of the OFFSYSTEM is to be the biggest online storage solution all over the world by a constantly growing peer-to-peer-network, supported by you and other users. Upload a file in

Freeware  1,546k 716
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